Take the E'zy path
to change.

Pam works with organisations who want to transform change and disruption into easy, natural pathways to success. 

Pam's Methodology

No Challenge too big

Using her fight back from near death trauma and sharing her strategies literally ‘forged from fire’, she shows individuals and teams that there are NO challenges that are insurmountable and lasting legacies CAN be built.

Pam's Methodology

Change should be exciting

Others Who’ve Seen Pam in Action

Life is often unpredictable, and now more than ever we seem to be encountering change and turbulent times.  My personal takeaway from Pam’s talk is that no matter what challenge presents itself, there is a strategy to cope with it.

Pam’s speech is so strong and emotional. Pam is obsessed with the idea of everything changing for the better. You can’t give up – Pam is living proof of that!

We were treated to a masterclass by Pam – inspiring! The group left refreshed, inspired and ready for the challenges we face ahead.

She takes you on a journey. Pam is a lady on a mission. If you want your audience to sit up and think, but more than that, feel, Pam can do that and so much more.

A Force Of Nature

Recognised universally as ‘The lady in the mask’ following the horrific burn injuries she sustained in the Paddington rail crash, Pam Warren turned a near death disaster into a life changing positive.

Pam provides audiences with a raft of take homes as she outlines her single-handed battles with authorities to champion improved rail safety and overcome her own physical and mental trauma following the crash which many thought she would not survive.

Woman of the Year winner Pam doesn’t consider herself a victim, instead a successful survivor and now shares her experiences on overcoming obstacles, eager to show that, with resilience and perseverance, no problem in your work or personal life is insurmountable.

Achieving success from adversity underpins Pam’s unique strategies that will help YOU navigate, normalise and enjoy any change or challenge – whatever life throws at you.