Inspirational Speaking

Take the E'zy
Path to change

(The 7 essentials to fall in love with change)

Be Inspired by Pam’s shared stratagems from her remarkable and unforgettable keynote.

Pam uses her fight back from near death trauma to show individuals and teams how with resilience and perseverance, no challenge is insurmountable and lasting legacies CAN be forged with the right mindset of self-belief.


I’m walking proof that life can change in a split second – expect the unexpected (although not, hopefully, as dramatic as my experience) and plan accordingly as change is vital for real growth.


The change may be life altering but the quicker you accept and embrace it, the more you can achieve. The worst thing imaginable in my life turned out to be the best thing to have happened.


When you relax into, get excited by and enjoy change – that’s when you spot the opportunities that are always there for yet more positive changes. Change starts to provide one of life’s natural highs.


Change can be hard, especially if you are bombarded with waves of it at any given time. Keeping your energy levels up is key to keeping afloat and surfing those waves, powering forward to reaching your goals.


Working openly with change you learn what works and what doesn’t from which a depth of wisdom flows.


When you fall in love with change, you’ll actively seek it out. You’ll stop just reacting and become a change creator, placing you firmly in charge of your own destiny.


When you can confidently master change, that’s when you become a vibrant leader – able to achieve remarkable outcomes and inspire others to follow.