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Read Pam's story of hope, overcoming adversity and
the enduring nature of the human spirit.

She was not expected to survive.

She became the lady in the mask. In October 1999, Pam Warren’s life was turned on its head when she sustained horrific injuries in the Paddington rail crash.

The casualties numbered thirty-one dead and over five hundred injured. Pam underwent scores of operations to rebuild her burnt body, and had to wear a plastic mask over her face for twenty-three hours a day over an eighteen-month period. Unwittingly, she became the public face of the disaster.

Now, over a decade on from that terrible event, From Behind the Mask charts the true inside story of Pam’s journey from victim to survivor and campaigner.

Following the crash she became the UK’s leading spokesperson for improving rail safety, battling with rail management executives and the government – and winning.

She was branded a troublemaker, but Pam and fellow members of the Paddington Survivors’ Group helped bring about great improvements on our railways.

For years Pam, a UK based motivational speaker, remained focused on that campaign.

Now, for the first time, she can tell us all what really happened. It is an inspirational story of determination and courage.

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Whenever or whatever you aim for the only way you’ll succeed is if you can pinpoint exactly what Your Purpose is. 

In this Ebook, When You Find Your Purpose You’ll Achieve Your Goals, I lay out the exact steps, tools and tactics on how to uncover your own purpose based upon how I re-built a successful and rewarding new life after losing everything. 

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When events threaten to overwhelm it can feel as if you have no control over your own future and that can create huge stress and anxiety.

This 5-step guide is to help you regain control and feel more optimistic about the future.

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