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I carefully listen to the objectives and goals of my clients. Rather than getting your event to fit my talk I make sure my talk fits your event and achieves the message you want your delegates to take away with them.

Because of the unique situation I found myself in I have overcome and survived more events than one would expect from 4 lifetimes let alone 1.

The broad spectrum of my life and the wealth of experience I have acquired means I now live as varied and exciting a life as I could ever have wished for. I have achieved more than I could ever have dreamed of.

My passion is to share the lessons I have learnt with my audiences so that they can look at their own problems, however large or small, with a different attitude. I show them that by adopting a change in mindset they can overcome anything. Setbacks become new beginnings and disasters turn into triumphs.

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"A story of success, courage, bravery and fortitude ... she has triumphed over terrible adversity and come through."

Simon Weston OBE, Falklands War Veteran

"All of us who travel by train owe Pam and her fellow survivors a debt of gratitude for their tenacity and dedication to improving rail safety."

Sir Roger Moore KBE

"An unforgettable account of an unforgettable crash. Pam Warren brings humanity to a bitter, life-changing experience."

Sir Trevor McDonald