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Embrace Change…Create Opportunity…Achieve Results

Sharing the experiences and lessons learnt from before, during and after the train crash I show my audiences how to approach their own obstacles and challenges in a smarter way.

My story may be unique but the lessons I share are balanced and easily transferable.

As someone who's overcome seemingly impossible odds, there is an element of inspiration that helps my core message of constant improvement resonate with audiences.

I get real joy from seeing the spark of comprehension in my audience's eyes and watching their enthusiasm for applying it to what they do increase exponentially.

 "That’s the way we’ve always done it!"

This is the most dangerous defence you’ll ever hear as an argument against change. Not every flawed process will result in death, but blind allegiance to corporate tradition is definitely a profit killer.

Organisations that want to succeed need to constantly challenge the status quo from within and without. I inspire audiences to question how things are done and then work on improving them.

The results are an engaged team that isn't afraid to take a stand and work out a way to reach their objective.

Conquer Your Problems

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Speaking up for change

In October 1999, my life as a financial advisor was turned on its head when I was involved, and severely injured, in the Paddington Rail Crash. Two trains collided head on at a combined crash speed of 130mph and a fireball erupted. 31 people were killed, and 227 were taken to hospital – I was amongst them, I wasn’t expected to survive.

Luckily I did pull through, though I had to undergo scores of operations to help rebuild my badly burned body and endured wearing a plastic mask over my face for 23 hours of each day over the next 18 months. During this time I became the public face of this disaster as ‘the lady in the mask’.

Following the crash, I became a leading spokesperson for improving rail safety. My campaign saw me lock horns with rail management executives and government ministers. I was dubbed a trouble maker, but that was a small price to pay if it helped bring about massive changes in rail safety.

Today I speak to companies on the importance of questioning the status quo by empowering employees to advocate for better systems and processes.

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Simon Weston OBE
“The Paddington rail crash dramatically altered Pam’s life, but she has triumphed over terrible adversity and come through. That is what I love about Pam – her willingness to stand up to her fears and face the future, rather than be bowed by the weight and pressure of the past as well as having a relentless optimism and zest for life. Pam’s story, is a story of success, courage, bravery and fortitude.”

Simon Weston OBE

Sir Trevor McDonald
“This is an unforgettable account of an unforgettable crash. Pam Warren brings humanity to a bitter, life changing experience.”

Sir Trevor McDonald

Sir Roger Moore KBE
“Pam’s amazingly brave journey back to health via scores of operations and months of therapy is inspiring enough in itself, but the fact she never sought to point the finger of blame nor seek revenge instead preferring to concentrate on ensuring it never happened again is truly humbling.”

Sir Roger Moore KBE