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celebrating success

Celebrating success, however small, is good for your health

We are very good at running ourselves down or being critical of our achievements however, how much effort do we ...
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innovative thinking

Innovative thinking – do you sometimes have whacky ideas?

I don’t know about any of you, but I quite often walk around feeling slightly out of step with everyone ...
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Advertisers who are your adverts for?

Things have gone suddenly very quiet which I should not be surprised at as it is holiday season and a ...
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trivialise feelings important quote

Acknowledge Your Feelings and work with them

I am always a little dismayed when people come up to me at an event and relate a trial or ...
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perspective quote

Regaining perspective – some days you need to switch off

Everything around me continued.  I could hear the sounds of the traffic, voices from passers-by, phones ringing and pinging as ...
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positive regard and genuineness

The Value of Positive Regard

Do you have positive regard for your colleagues and friends? It seems to me that today’s world is very good ...
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Share Your Vision

Part of my job now is to sit in on business leaders’ meetings with their teams to observe how they ...
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being an influencer

The Importance of Influencers – Why You Should Aspire to Other Leaders

I think one of the fundamental steps towards trying to become a great leader is to think of who inspires ...
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Great leader

As a Leader, If You Aspire Towards Greatness Maybe, One Day, You Will Become One

Being a great leader is not your decision… ‘How to be a great leader’ or derivatives around this title are ...
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lifelong learning is for all

Lifelong Learning & Leadership – Do you really think you know it all?

This week I have been running several leadership workshops, some full day some half.  At one company there was a ...
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Weakness to strength

Weakness when confronted can become strengths

Are you willing to acknowledge your weaknesses? This week I attended a leadership day where 12 leaders from large UK ...
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Being Social Is Not Electric

Being social is not electronic…

I have been pondering the meaning of ‘social’ especially as I have been struggling to keep up with social media ...
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Defining yourself gender equality

Defining yourself as Male/Female, Black/White?

I was at an event this past weekend and, as I usually do, wandered around the room speaking to various ...
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BIg business

Big business buzzing around aimlessly

‘I’m going to kill him’, was my thought. I had just got back from an event which, as I was ...
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working life pressure

Working life pressure and being human

Gosh, working life pressures are insidious are they not? I have fallen into the trap again! I really should know ...
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Think Differently

Think differently – is trauma the only way or can we learn to shift our way of thinking?

I’ve been ruminating recently about why I appear to see things and think differently compared to so many others.  People ...
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maintain motivation accept change

Maintain Motivation – Sustaining the Change Motivation

My 2 preceding articles have explained what the rationale and history of Motivation is and how to shift from a ...
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Change Motivation Embrace

Shifting your Reward motivation into a Change motivation

In my previous article I explained how, currently, 90% of people are working within a Reward motivation concept.  In order ...
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