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How to Turn a Frustrating Day into a Great One

Do you have days when you are rushing around, getting loads done and you finish tired but happy? How about ...
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be kind to yourself best friend

Be Kind to Yourself – You’re Your Own Best Friend

When the going gets tough, be kind to yourself Is it me or are more people reaching burn out, tired ...
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How do you get ahead of the waves of change? Create a splash yourself.

Change and the changes that affect us directly are like an ocean. Vast, continuous, fluctuating and you often can’t see ...
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menopause equilibrium

The Menopause at Work

Hands up anyone who had the menopause explained to them properly. No, me neither. Did anyone warn you how much ...
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You Are A Hero – Live your own story

You Are A Hero – Live your own story Every single one of us is. Consider this – you are, ...
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Walking Away Perspective

The Benefits of Walking Away

The year 2018 seemed to fly past and, with so many changes in the pipeline, each year appears to pass ...
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Business Model

What Business Model Do You Follow?

If you are part of a large organisation you probably won’t know the specifics however, in general terms, you probably ...
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The Power of Thank You

The Power of Thank You (the personal power tool that costs £0!)

Have you ever been in the situation where you have held open a door for someone and they sailed through ...
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Are we really all born equal?

I was recently watching the movie Made in Dagenham which is based around the story of the 1968 female workers ...
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increase productivity burning midnight oil

4 Tips Guaranteed to Increase Productivity

Sleep – increase productivity You simply cannot take getting enough sleep for granted.  Without enough sleep you will, literally, slow ...
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Unlock the creative brain – try being a southpaw

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a study I found intriguing with some interesting findings around the brain and ...
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being tested and surviving

Resilience and being tested

Some time ago I wrote an article around resilience as I am asked so often how I find the resilience ...
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Don’t be too proud to ask for help

Ever had one of those days when your decision to be an entrepreneur seems like a mistake? Do you ask ...
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Interdependence vs independence; the argument for cooperative working

In today’s workplace I hear a lot of verbalisation on giving employees ‘independence’ in their jobs to promote greater productivity ...
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Isolated leader

Are you feeling isolated? We all need human connection

When talking to prospective clients one of the things I try to do is delve a little into their personalities ...
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genuine and authentic

Are you genuine and authentic?

Being genuine and authentic are much under rated qualities in the modern workplace however they are the foundation and essential ...
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right brain creativity

Using the right brain functions

Becoming more creative as a person, a skill that is going to become more and more vital to our survival ...
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creative person

Can You Learn to Become a Creative Person?

As automation and AI develop at an ever-increasing pace what role can humans expect to play? It is not going ...
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