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Workshop MOdule A

From behind the mask

Workshop Module A


Before getting into the strategies and tactics element I briefly cover the topic of motivation ie. what makes us tick.  This is an important foundation for delegates to understand and pull the most from the areas that then follow.

Motive: Adapt to challenges or problems that cannot be avoided and have to be dealt with. How to face these with the minimum amount of stress or drama.

I explain the strategy, tactics and tools I developed to do just this and provide a working example of how I then utilised it in my own situation.

To make this relevant to the audience I would normally ask to be provided with a generic scenario they are currently facing and I will then make reference to it and we would discuss how the tactics could be applied.


Companies, executives, managers, marketers, team leaders

Need to face problems with a minimum of stress and drama?

I can help......


How to face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, successfully in a calm manner


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