As we were getting together as a new team, I was thinking of how to keep my team motivated amidst change which is when I met Pam. Pam kindly accepted my request to speak to my team about dealing with change and disruption in a business environment. Her speech was concise, and yet packed with motivating tips and helpful advice to deal with change. Using her own life example she touched on how switching to a change motivation can be rewarding too. I can not recommend Pam highly enough for her motivating speech.

-- Sangeetha Narasimham, EMEA Marketing Director, SMB at Ingenico ePayments

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Pam’s story is quite remarkable. The amazing grit and determination Pam found within herself to overcome her challenges after the Paddington rail crash were truly inspirational. Her talk was incredibly moving not only because it connected on an emotional level, but her strategies for coping with change are useful and easily applied to day to day issues.

Life is often unpredictable, and now more than ever we seem to be encountering change and turbulent times.  My personal takeaway from Pam’s talk is that no matter what challenge presents itself, there is a strategy to cope with it.

-- Laurie Spicer, International Trade Adviser at Department for International Trade


“Pam Warren – a gripping story in any context.  At Rotary District 1090’s conference we were inspired and uplifted by this remarkable woman.  Crucially, Pam worked with us to make her story and her subsequent experiences tune in to our audience and event objectives – a true professional.

A story of determination in the face of seemingly insuperable odds, proving without doubt that one person CAN make a difference – campaigning to improve rail safety and make our lives safer as a result. ”

--John Greening, Rotary District 1090 Conference Chairman 2017

"The key thing that stood out from Pam’s talk was the different ways that you can look at potential obstacles, both in your working and personal life, and how you can have a coping mechanism to deal with whatever comes your way.In our working environment we have quite challenging targets. We know where we have to get to because we have to deliver on KPI’s that are given to us and very often it looks like a very daunting task. Pam’s talk on how to break these down into manageable chunks and focus on the end goal was great.  Not thinking about what might be facing you right now but finding the ways around them or making new paths to your own goal.I would say that it is a very scalable message that can be applied to just about any environment. Whilst I was listening I wasn’t just thinking about my business life but my personal life too. I think Pam’s talk is highly relevant to everything in life."

-- Angus Murray, International Trade Advisor & Team Manager for International Trade


"Pam came in to present at one of our Lunch and Learns in August 2016. Her inspiring talk was focused on how to overcome obstacles which was perfect for our team which has been through a transformation over the last year bringing change for some. Pam blended personal experiences and business anecdotes to make the talk relevant to both our home and work lives. I think everyone was able to take something away from the session either about how to tackle a problem in their lives or about how to make a change. It was great to have a talk that was so motivational and that encouraged us to shift away from worrying about the small day to day issues. If you are looking for an inspiring speaker who can help your team to consider work issues from a fresh perspective, Pam is perfect."

--Rachael Parker, Communications and Training Manager, Commercial teamLogo_-_Low_Res

"Pam visited us in Flytoget in Oslo Norway, at our annual safety conference the 5th of February 2016. Pams speech is so strong and emotional. She puts a face to those unfortunate people who are involved in an accident. Everyone that works with elements that can cause major disaster and make people injured and killed, should be aware of the consequences of their challenges –or even more importantly –of those challenges that are not being followed up. Pam is obsessed with the idea of everything changing into the better. You can’t give up. Pam is a living proof of that! We give Pam our warmest recommendations."

--Cathrine Elgin Engström - Safety managerflytoget

 "Pam Warren was our special guest at our annual staff awards, The AMBIES, held at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire November 2015.
Pam gave a very moving account to our invited guests, of how she survived the Paddington rail disaster in 1999. She then presented certificates and awards to many of the staff who had been shortlisted and who had won in their categories.
Pam is a truly inspirational individual who made our event very memorable for all who attended."

-- South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

"What Pam’s talk does; is that it brings home to you, very clearly, that doing things the right way and  not being complacent is good business. It is good safety too and every business can learn to not be complacent as it can, not only have very serious implications from a safety aspect, but can have serious implications on your business. It is a very powerful presentation to get that message across to any business leader anywhere in the world."

-- Ian Prosser, HM Chief Inspector of Railways and Director of Railway Safety at Office of Rail Regulation

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"Pam’s presentation was incredible and had the audience fully focused. You could hear a pin drop it was that powerful. Having spoken to members of the audience I now know that this unique and inspiring talk has stayed with them. I would recommend Pam to any conference if inspiration, hope and drive is what you’re looking for."

-- Paul Russell, Head of CIRASCIRAS logo

The one thing that stood out from your/Pam’s talk was how powerful it was......Pam gives a very frank and honest account of what it’s like when we as a railway industry doesn’t get it right. There’s no report or document out there that would express it in the same way as Pam does."

-- Erika Allen,Interim Safety and Environment Director at Northern RailNorthern Rail logo

"An unforgettable account of an unforgettable crash. Pam Warren brings humanity to a bitter, life-changing experience."

-- Sir Trevor McDonald

"All of us who travel by train owe Pam and her fellow survivors a debt of gratitude for their tenacity and dedication to improving
rail safety."

-- Sir Roger Moore KBE

"A story of success, courage, bravery and fortitude ... she has triumphed over terrible adversity and come through."

-- Simon Weston OBE, Falklands War Veteran

I have had the pleasure of working with Pam over the past five years, at various stages of our research programme focussing on the psychology of disfigurement.  Pam’s input into this project has invariably been timely, comprehensive and enthusiastic.  She has contributed hugely to our work through her perceptive insights and objectivity.  Pam’s ability to communicate to a variety of audiences has been essential to the effective dissemination of our work.  We will definitely be calling on her services again in our future research.

-- Professor Nichola Rumsey, Co-Director, Centre for Appearance Research, VTCT Professor of Appearance Psychology


Pam has assisted my charity, DKH Legacy Trust, on a number of successful projects in the Reading Area. Her approach is positive, passionate, highly professional and achieves results. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future and can highly recommend her services.

-- Dame Kelly Holmes


I worked with Pam on the very successful project, Party in the Sky 2012. It was a black tie, 5-star event to raise funds for the local community which is benefiting the young people of the town. Her organisational skills were exemplary, her leadership unique and I was astonished at some of the results she achieved. She is somebody who I am proud to now call a friend who thinks of others above herself.

-- Chris Pengilly, Director - Merchant House