Tackle the Nasty Job First

Do you find that sometimes you have a nasty, boring or unpleasant task to do and you find yourself putting it to the bottom of your pile? “I’ll just tackle these jobs first, get them out the way which will clear some time and then I’ll get on with that yucky job”. Problem is that […]

Want To Be A Millionaire?

It’s just another pressure to put yourself under. We are all going to die at some time or another and what can you possibly take with you when you do? While the train crash was actually happening I remember thinking ‘it hasn’t been worth it’.  I was successful, had money, a nice home, a posh […]

Treat Others as You Want to be Treated Yourself

How do you like it if people treat you badly? How do you feel if they are rude to you? You want the best for yourself and you do the best you can to achieve this. Why wouldn’t you do the same for other people? When I was a kid I remember my grandfather saying […]

How Indispensable Are We?

No-one is indispensable. No argument there as I am merely stating a fact.  However, do you truly know, believe and appreciate that if you were to be wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow it will not be that noticeable to the rest of the world. You can be replaced if necessary or you […]

Work Out How to Get Around an Obstacle Blocking Your Path

There is never one answer to a problem. Use the intelligence you have been given to stop, consider the problem from all angles then work out what you can do to get around it. The way I learnt this valuable lesson was at the start of the rail safety campaign I ran. There had been […]

Are You Firm, Limp or Sweaty?

At several speaking engagements recently I have had cause to shake, quite literally, hundreds of hands.  In situations like this I know to expect a variety of styles but what has taken me by surprise is the apparent inattention by the giver as to how their handshake will be interpreted. There is a general rule […]

How’s Your Life See-Saw?

Do you ever think about your work/life balance? Have you ever stopped to consider whether you have them in the right proportion? Does life ever make you stop to think about it? I’ve just been pulled up short by these exact questions… again.. (read more)…..Read my latest Huffington Post article