Goal Setting – Your big shiny goal

Following on from my previous articles; find your purpose and self assessment – the 1st step, you now have a pretty clear picture of who and where you are right now so what is the next step on the road to finding your purpose? I personally found this to be the fun part when I […]

How Can You Reach Your Goal If You Don’t Know Your Purpose

If you are feeling stuck in a rut, feeling unfulfilled, are jealous of other’s successes, or are simply frustrated that you are not further along to where you think you should be then read on. I wrote a little while back about humans needing a purpose: What I didn’t realise until recently is that not […]

Maintaining communication – keeping the connection

Keeping Open the Lines of Communication- maintaining communication is important Most industries have a lull during their trading year.  There is almost always a month where not much is going on in sales or where the closure rate is no longer as imperative as it was in the other months. You may be making fewer […]

Do You Ask the Advice of Others?

We don’t like asking the advice of others especially when it is exposing a weakness in ourselves.  However, keeping quiet and not asking is a recipe for disaster. Sure, to err is human and I believe we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes however it is better to make an […]

What is Your ROI; What Are You Worth?

Do you understand the concept of your ROI when applied to you as a speaker? Well, you can bet the company booking you does. I recently attended a conference in the USA and interestingly, one of the delegates there, who specialises in marketing speakers, wrote a LinkedIn post I found to be very pertinent. Many […]

How to Choose Your Battles Wisely at Work

The secret of success is before attempting anything, be very clear about why you are doing it. Guan Yin Tzu Conflict is a human condition, but one we can choose to engage in or not. In the business world there are times when you have to stand up and be heard even when those around […]

Do You Have the Courage to Make a Fundamental Shift in Your Life?

Many people are unhappy with their lives but don’t know how to change them. In fact they are even resistant to making any kind of change due to fear or apathy or both. This applies to businesses as much as individuals. A fundamental shift means rocking the foundations of an individuals’ life or a company’s […]

Are You in The Flow

What does being in the flow mean? You know those times when everything you do seems effortless? Somehow, everything you’re working on connects and seems logical, all the pieces fall into place. Being in the flow is when mind and body work together in harmony and clarity of thinking makes tasks seem simple. It is […]

Inspirational Stories or Celebrity Junk Tales?

Inspirational Stories about real people – heart-warming connections Most speakers would agree that when they give their talks, they are telling stories, inspirational stories that they hope will reach their audience. As a business, if you book a motivational speaker you expect uplifting inspirational stories to be part of that talk.  So, who is qualified […]

Are You Open to New Opportunities?

Or, does the thought of change send your stomach lurching with fear? With all the evidence around us that there are no, “jobs for life” anymore why do so many people cling onto the safe, but not really secure, job they know, but don’t actually enjoy? These people see new opportunities as a threat to […]