How Observant Are You?

I don’t know about you but I am terrible at remembering names.  I can often be seen within a group of people hoping someone will say another’s name. The thing that offsets this is that I have a really good memory for remembering faces. I have written before about how it’s important to be quiet […]

The Value of Empathy

How often do we consider the How of what we are doing at work and home? In this context, I am referring to how we are feeling and how that is transmitting into the external movements and actions we undertake. For those of you who believe in the Law of attraction there is a concept […]

Giving willingly makes business sense

Hands up those of you who have to attend networking events in the normal course of your business? I have to and do attend hundreds over the year.  Even if you don’t attend specific networking functions there are always times in your career where networking has a role. Having done so for quite some time […]

Giving Back…. is adopting a positive attitude

What does giving back mean to you?  For me it’s being thankful and showing that thanks for everything life has afforded to me in my second chance.  For everything I do that has a benefit for myself I try to balance that off by doing something for someone else that has no self-benefit at all.  […]

Giving Quality – a Series on Giving

When is good enough NOT giving quality? I am getting pretty sick of the ‘near enough is good enough’ attitude that seems to be pervading everything from white goods, core products, the service industry, public services all the way up to the highest echelons of power. Guess what? Good enough is NOT giving quality. Nearly […]

Focus on a Positive Approach

I’ve mentioned the problem with negativity in a previous article so thought I’d balance off with why I am convinced positive thinking attracts positive results and is demonstrated in a positive approach to life. Take a positive approach for positive outcomes I, like many others, keep finding that taking the positive approach to problems, challenges […]

Who Cares About The Future?

Do you think the future is your responsibility? I don’t have children and there are none in my immediate family.  Logically, and unemotionally, there is no reason why I should be particularly bothered about what happens to, or on our planet in the future as I probably won’t be around to be affected by it.  […]

Stop with the Negative Waves: Life is not all doom and gloom

Too much doom and gloom is bad for you! I find February in the UK is a pretty awful month.  It’s easy to never see daylight with the dark mornings and dark evenings and the weather is often gloomy too.  The promise of Spring seems a long way away off in February. This February however, […]

Brexit: dealing with monumental change

I tend not to get involved with writing on political issues however Brexit must be one of the biggest and most challenging changes to happen in the UK for a generation and will have a direct effect on all of us. Many of my contacts and connections work in the human resources arena for both […]

Instant Gratification – The “I want it now” Syndrome

Instant gratification does appear to be entering our DNA and we are blithely accepting that is the way life is.  I personally believe that the internet has a lot to do with this.  With so much noise, drivel and superfluous nonsense hitting us through computers, TV’s tablets, phones I am not surprised that we are […]