Beating Stress & Having Fun; Hobbies & Interests

The importance of hobbies and interests in beating stress Most of us pride ourselves on working so hard and effectively that we find we don’t have time to indulge our interests outside of work.  What we forget is that these outside interests may well make us more productive inside. Not only that- research shows that […]

The Dangers of Stress – And How to Overcome Stress

Is it important to overcome stress? It’s been well documented the work hours lost attributed to stress.  An expensive condition to both employee, employer and the self-employed.  And yet we still push ourselves to the limit and don’t raise our heads enough to notice that this month is a perfect time to slow down a […]

The Blame Game – a game with no winners

For more years than I care to remember I have heard numerous companies stating that they ‘want to get away from the blame game’ they want to promote a culture of inclusivity where employees can voice concerns or point out problems without fear of retribution. However, I see very little evidence that this is not […]

Round Peg/Square Hole – the skills and job mismatch

I’ve deliberately switched this saying around as have you not sometimes come across people who don’t quite seem to fit their role and are rattling around knocking against the sides of their expected employment? It could be that their role is not challenging them enough, or is too challenging.  It could be that their personal […]

Creative Space and brilliant ideas

Does your business have a creative space? Now here is a business idea I love and have adopted myself. At one of my clients’ offices I saw a glassed off area within their normal offices.  Inside were beanbags, funky paintings, an area with jelly beans and other treats, wipeable painted walls and decor that suggested […]

What is the Point of Lessons if we don’t learn?

As well as being upset, along with the rest of the nation, as to the recent tragedy unfolding with the Grenfell fire I have also been deeply aggravated by the governments’ response of setting up a public inquiry into what happened and what were the causes. Every time a major public tragedy occurs this is […]

Do You Ask the Advice of Others?

We don’t like asking the advice of others especially when it is exposing a weakness in ourselves.  However, keeping quiet and not asking is a recipe for disaster. Sure, to err is human and I believe we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes however it is better to make an […]

Don’t Dismiss Until You’ve Tried It

One of my pet hates is when someone announces that they definitely don’t like something (e.g. Indian or Chinese Food).  “Have you tried it then” I will enquire to which the answer is invariably “no”.  So how on earth do they know they don’t like it. Some of our likes and dislikes are inherited; our […]

Stay Open to New Ideas

So you’ve reached your pinnacle.  You are top of the heap. You are master of all you survey…..or are you? Are you open to new ideas or satisfied you know it all? One of the dangers we can all face is complacency.  With success, there is a real possibility of you thinking that you have […]

Brain awareness and avoiding sabre-toothed tigers

How to develop your awareness Day in and day out our brains are having to think and take in millions of bits of information but just how much of this are we fully, properly aware of? It is important to be keenly aware even in this age when we are not (normally) being chased by […]