How to Turn a Frustrating Day into a Great One

frustrating day

Do you have days when you are rushing around, getting loads done and you finish tired but happy? How about busy days where you are rushing around but by the end of it you feel nothing productive has been accomplished, you just feel tired and frustrated with lots of unfinished things to do? On those […]

Past experiences sometimes offer future opportunities

In recent weeks, as we enter the winter period and the evenings start to close in, I have been reminded that we are entering the period of the year when it is good to start clearing the decks and planning for the coming year. Reflect on Past Experiences Time is going to pass quickly as […]

Back to Work – Post Holiday Planning

Are you ready to get back to work? I’ve often mused over the saying ‘the older you get the faster time goes’ as it does seem to generally hold true but I think I would now change it to ‘the older you get the faster change happens’. It only seems like yesterday that it was […]

The Meaning of Innovation & Why It’s Important

Business executives are often told by their managing director to be more innovative, as if the very word will transform their marketing, product development and ultimately create success. It can be hard to act on this when you are not sure what innovation means and what is just old ideas in new packaging. Innovation is a […]

Motivational Speaking and Public Speaking Tips

Motivational speaking is supposed to inspire and engage its audience. You may be anxious about speaking in public, or uncertain about what to say and how to say it. Here are some fascinating facts about presenting and some motivational speaking tips to help you succeed on stage. Motivational Speaking Tips- People’s Phobia Number One Glossophobia […]

Look like a Keynote Speaker- Presentation Skills

Good Presentation Skills – How to deliver your talk like a Keynote Speaker Remember, first impressions count when you are delivering a talk, so check out my post on first impressions. How you appear at the podium, how you stand, how you hold yourself, all contribute to audience perception of you as a keynote speaker. […]

Public Speaking Anxiety – Be Prepared

Public Speaking anxiety can be handled with proper preparation Whether you are a seasoned speaker or a beginner, public speaking anxiety can strike at any time. Expert speakers still get butterflies before speaking- it is part of the adrenaline spike that happens when we put ourselves in front of a lot of people! It is […]

How to Write a Speech – Professional Speakers Structure their Talk

How to write a speech – good structure is crucial for a professional speaker Do you know how to write a speech that engages? This is a key skill for a professional  speaker.  A well-structured speech is like a satisfying sandwich; great bread on the outside and tasty layers inside! The simpler the speech the […]

5 Tips for Engaging Presentations

Or…How to avoid Death by PowerPoint! It may be a hackneyed phrase now, but ask anyone who has been to a lecture or presentation where PowerPoint was the only tool used and they will tell you how excruciating it was! Even worse, they probably cannot remember a single point made in the presentation. So, to […]

Colour Psychology – Dressing for Success

Using colour psychology to send a message What we wear says a lot about us and sometimes we send the wrong message.   I have covered creating a positive impression in a previous post. However, did you know that the colour of what you are wearing can also have an impact? If you want to get […]