How to Gain Some Personal Stability

Walking across a tightrope

Personal Stability in a Changing World Everything changes, but perhaps never more so than at the moment. Work, freedoms, the weather, the world – it’s a highly confusing picture out there. And with no sign of it becoming less so any time soon, I wanted to share something with you that has become a weekly […]

Why You Don’t Need a Coach for Life

Thinking of hiring a life coach?

Quick clarification: You may need a coach to help you enhance your life… But it should not be necessary to keep a life coach on a regular, long-term basis if they are successfully providing you with the best tools and strategies. As someone with a lot of experience in this – I really have been there, […]

The True Human Cost of Poor Customer Service

What is happening to customer service in 2020?

Forgetting Customer Service – A Cardinal Sin In this post, I’m climbing on my soap-box! I am sick of some big companies using the current pandemic as an excuse to offer zero customer service or to rip off their clients.  “Morally reprehensible, unnecessary, and short-sighted” I’ve been appalled by both the service I have received, […]

On PTSD, Resilience, and Doing Life Differently

Pam Warren interviewed by Simon from Wellity on resilience, PTSD and doing life differently

My interview with Pam Warren (Paddington train crash survivor) Guest post by Simon Scott-Nelson from Wellity On PTSD, resilience, and doing life differently I met with Pam on the morning she emerged from her latest ‘Fug.’ This, in itself, demonstrates what we discussed in our interview, and her resilience. What is a ‘Fug’? ‘Fug’ is the […]

Following Your Dreams is Never Easy

Moving Towards My Dream As I wrote about in my last blog here, I have made the decision to sell up and move to North Wales in pursuit of my dream life. In that article I shared how I was keen to get on with things and my plan for the process and dealing with […]

The Menopause at Work

Hands up anyone who had the menopause explained to them properly.  No, me neither.  Did anyone warn you how much it would affect you in the workplace?  Nope, me neither. Do you tend to keep quiet about it or find people smirk if you mention it? I do. The menopause can affect men as well […]