Getting one step ahead

Are You Constantly Trying to get One Step Ahead? How many hours a week are you currently working? Are you always trying to get one step ahead of your workload? When you get home do you forget about work when you close your door or are you still checking your phone/tablet? Do you ever allow […]

How to Turn a Frustrating Day into a Great One

frustrating day

Do you have days when you are rushing around, getting loads done and you finish tired but happy? How about busy days where you are rushing around but by the end of it you feel nothing productive has been accomplished, you just feel tired and frustrated with lots of unfinished things to do? On those […]

Are you genuine and authentic?


Being genuine and authentic are much under rated qualities in the modern workplace however they are the foundation and essential to everything that underpins every success story. I recently had the pleasure of delivering a keynote talk, the remit for which was to inspire people to change, create change and be open to change, in […]

Acknowledge Your Feelings and work with them


I am always a little dismayed when people come up to me at an event and relate a trial or tribulation story of their own to me, though perhaps not for the reasons you may think.  Without exception somewhere during their recounting they will say “of course this is nothing compared to what you have […]

The Value of Positive Regard


Do you have positive regard for your colleagues and friends? It seems to me that today’s world is very good at tearing people down.  Everywhere I look if someone is doing well for themselves there are plenty of people looking for ways to destroy what they have.  Rather than saying ‘haven’t they done well, I […]

Share Your Vision


Part of my job now is to sit in on business leaders’ meetings with their teams to observe how they come across and interact with their colleagues.  I am not there to criticise or to nit-pick, I am there as an impartial observer who can then pass on my tips as a speaker as to […]

Maintain Motivation – Sustaining the Change Motivation


My 2 preceding articles have explained what the rationale and history of Motivation is and how to shift from a Reward Motivation mind-set into a Change Motivation mind-set. But how can you sustain your new found Change motivation mind-set when you get there?  How do you stop slipping back into the more blinkered, conventional Reward […]

Shifting your Reward motivation into a Change motivation


In my previous article I explained how, currently, 90% of people are working within a Reward motivation concept.  In order to survive and succeed within the fast pace changes we are now facing a Reward motivation alone will no longer be enough.  A Change motivation, the ability to be motivated by change itself, will be […]

A Challenging Year – Maintaining Professionalism

Have you found this past year more of a challenge than usual?  I certainly have and many people I have spoken to over the course of the past twelve months seem to have experienced the same.  I have no idea as to why, or what powers have been aligning themselves, but negative things appear to […]

Staying Motivated – part of the Success Compass

The first point on the success compass is motivation.  I have written about motivation before but not in terms of how to maintain it. Staying motivated is crucial to success If you do not have the motivation to keep on with your strategy (or with anything in life for that matter) you will ultimately fail.  […]