Tribalism is Alive & Kicking


let’s wipe out tribalism I was recently at an event in the House of Commons in the evening.  Because of the current political climate the place was still heaving with people as votes were being called upon late into the night.  Screens denoted what was going on within the Commons. Plus, the bell was constantly […]

Are you feeling isolated? We all need human connection


When talking to prospective clients one of the things I try to do is delve a little into their personalities and their wishes for their work.  I ask questions such as ‘what makes you happy at work’, ‘what would you ideally like to accomplish’, ‘what do you think is your biggest challenge’, ‘how do you […]

Share Your Vision


Part of my job now is to sit in on business leaders’ meetings with their teams to observe how they come across and interact with their colleagues.  I am not there to criticise or to nit-pick, I am there as an impartial observer who can then pass on my tips as a speaker as to […]

The Importance of Influencers – Why You Should Aspire to Other Leaders


I think one of the fundamental steps towards trying to become a great leader is to think of who inspires you, great influencers you would most want to be like.  Perhaps it is part of the human psyche to search for someone worthy of our respect, attention and desire to emulate and for each of […]

As a Leader, If You Aspire Towards Greatness Maybe, One Day, You Will Become One


Being a great leader is not your decision… ‘How to be a great leader’ or derivatives around this title are often used by self-help books, courses and trainers but you aren’t the one who is going to decide whether you are great or not. Others, your colleagues, results, what you achieve in your lifetime and […]

Lifelong Learning & Leadership – Do you really think you know it all?


This week I have been running several leadership workshops, some full day some half.  At one company there was a gathering of 13 leaders responsible for over 265 people between them.  The age range spanned from 30’s to 60’s and were a mixture of men and women.  (It was almost a 50/50 split between the […]

Weakness when confronted can become strengths


Are you willing to acknowledge your weaknesses?   This week I attended a leadership day where 12 leaders from large UK organisations were gathered. (Interestingly only 1 of the 12 was a woman which I made a note of in light of my previous article.)   I had been invited by the organisers as they […]

Back to Work – Post Holiday Planning

Are you ready to get back to work? I’ve often mused over the saying ‘the older you get the faster time goes’ as it does seem to generally hold true but I think I would now change it to ‘the older you get the faster change happens’. It only seems like yesterday that it was […]

Maintaining communication – keeping the connection

Keeping Open the Lines of Communication- maintaining communication is important Most industries have a lull during their trading year.  There is almost always a month where not much is going on in sales or where the closure rate is no longer as imperative as it was in the other months. You may be making fewer […]

Beating Stress & Having Fun; Hobbies & Interests

The importance of hobbies and interests in beating stress Most of us pride ourselves on working so hard and effectively that we find we don’t have time to indulge our interests outside of work.  What we forget is that these outside interests may well make us more productive inside. Not only that- research shows that […]