Bureaucracy – The Lighter Side

As I have been writing these posts on the somewhat dry topic of bureaucracy one thing struck me as rather funny… that how despite being on the fourth post on the subject I still manage to spell it incorrectly – thank goodness for auto correct. When I was at school, good teachers used to get […]

Be An Innovative Business

How to be an innovative business without drowning in bureaucracy The 21st century business needs to be lean and responsive if it is to stay competitive and this can be difficult if it is shackled or tied up in bureaucratic red tape. Innovative business ideas are those eureka moments where someone throws out an observation […]

Bureaucracy And The 21st Century Business

Our love affair with bureaucracy doesn’t suit 21st century business. What’s that you cry? Love affair with bureaucracy, don’t we all hate that red tape? Well, we all say we hate it and if that were truly so, surely there would be less of it? History would seem to deny this. Our systems built upon […]

Are You Strangling Your Own Business?

Workflow and red tape – the outside bureaucracy The meaning of red tape is; Rigid or mechanical adherence to bureaucratic rules and regulations especially those involving unnecessary paperwork. http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/red-tape.html Its origins come from the 17th century where legal and official documents first started being, and continue to be, bound by red tape. Many small business […]