Do You Have the Courage to Make a Fundamental Shift in Your Life?

Many people are unhappy with their lives but don’t know how to change them. In fact they are even resistant to making any kind of change due to fear or apathy or both. This applies to businesses as much as individuals. A fundamental shift means rocking the foundations of an individuals’ life or a company’s […]

Are You in The Flow

What does being in the flow mean? You know those times when everything you do seems effortless? Somehow, everything you’re working on connects and seems logical, all the pieces fall into place. Being in the flow is when mind and body work together in harmony and clarity of thinking makes tasks seem simple. It is […]

When 20 Minutes Means 30

So you have checked, double checked and (as I did) triple checked that your client definitely wants you to do a 20 minute speech. You have done all your preparation work, designed your talk and practiced it to ensure it gives across the desired message in the time allotted. You are ready. You arrive at […]

Tackle the Nasty Job First

Do you find that sometimes you have a nasty, boring or unpleasant task to do and you find yourself putting it to the bottom of your pile? “I’ll just tackle these jobs first, get them out the way which will clear some time and then I’ll get on with that yucky job”. Problem is that […]

Create a Masterpiece With Your Talk

Do you get a thrill of delight when you look at a great masterpiece? A Constable, a Canaletto, Pablo Picasso, Monet? How do they make you feel or how do they inspire your senses? Why shouldn’t our talks and speeches aspire to be something just as beautiful. I find it really helpful to visualise my […]

Transform Your Speech with a Mentor

For any aspiring professional speaker I would strongly urge you to get at least one mentor. Their advice and experience is invaluable and they can bring on an ‘OK’ talk to the levels of ‘Brilliant’. As a keynote conference speaker I actually have 3 mentors and they each serve a different purpose for me but […]