Tackle the Nasty Job First

Do you find that sometimes you have a nasty, boring or unpleasant task to do and you find yourself putting it to the bottom of your pile? “I’ll just tackle these jobs first, get them out the way which will clear some time and then I’ll get on with that yucky job”. Problem is that […]

Create a Masterpiece With Your Talk

Do you get a thrill of delight when you look at a great masterpiece? A Constable, a Canaletto, Pablo Picasso, Monet? How do they make you feel or how do they inspire your senses? Why shouldn’t our talks and speeches aspire to be something just as beautiful. I find it really helpful to visualise my […]

Transform Your Speech with a Mentor

For any aspiring professional speaker I would strongly urge you to get at least one mentor. Their advice and experience is invaluable and they can bring on an ‘OK’ talk to the levels of ‘Brilliant’. As a keynote conference speaker I actually have 3 mentors and they each serve a different purpose for me but […]

Is Your Talk Heavenly Food?

When I first decided to turn my public speaking into a profession I began, as is my wont, to research how best to do so. As I explored the subject it dawned on me there was more to being a good or great speaker than might first appear. I simply had not realised how much […]

Want To Be A Millionaire?

It’s just another pressure to put yourself under. We are all going to die at some time or another and what can you possibly take with you when you do? While the train crash was actually happening I remember thinking ‘it hasn’t been worth it’.  I was successful, had money, a nice home, a posh […]

Treat Others as You Want to be Treated Yourself

How do you like it if people treat you badly? How do you feel if they are rude to you? You want the best for yourself and you do the best you can to achieve this. Why wouldn’t you do the same for other people? When I was a kid I remember my grandfather saying […]