Make Change Happen – Embrace It

Are you fed up with the position you are currently in?  Frustrated that things are not happening for you as you had hoped?  Running, just to simply stand still?  Then you are going to have make change happen.

Only you can do it.  No-one is going to come along and gift you the way forward or the give you the answers to your problems.  You are going to have to actively seek change, make it happen and then get it to work for your own benefit.

Make change happen on your terms

Change happens all the time in every facet of our lives.  Sometimes it is unwanted and causes upheaval and sometimes it is just the way things work out.  However, if you can learn to embrace change, look for it and even welcome it, the transition change creates can open new avenues and opportunities you had not even thought of before. When change is outside of your control it can be daunting adjusting to new circumstances, but it can also be exhilarating. However, when you take control and make change happen yourself, it empowers you.

Take the example of a colleague of mine.  Many years ago, she had left the field of education because, though an occupation she loved and was good at, circumstances had changed and had left her disillusioned with the entire process.  She harnessed other skills and started down a completely different career path. However, I don’t think her passion or desire for educating our younger generation ever left her.  Recently she decided to stop ignoring her passion and re-applied for an education role but this time very much on her own terms.  She got it – she is excelling in it and, though it’s hard work with day to day frustrations, she is making a positive difference to some of our most disadvantaged young people.

It is this attitude of going out and looking for change that I find brings about the most fulfilling results. Whenever things go quiet here (admittedly not often) I deliberately go out and vigorously poke around until something materialises that will affect a change.  It may be in something I have an interest or passion in, it may be learning something new, or it may be something I can see would benefit others and I can contribute towards.  When it does appear I then grab it and follow it to wherever it might take me which, 9 times out of 10, is usually somewhere pretty good and sometimes darn right amazing. I rarely regret it when I make change happen.

When you are coasting in life, go make change happen

The important thing is not to worry about or avoid change.  Accept that it is inevitable and your key attitude through and beyond it is to embrace it.  And, if you are in the position where not much is happening, but you want it to, then banish ‘coasting along’ from your vocabulary and life, go out to actively seek the change that you want to enrich your life. Check out my PDF on change if you want more guidance on managing change