Strategy Success – Actions and Accomplishments – Step 6

Continuing my series on purpose and achieving your big shiny goal, we have reached the point where you are taking action and moving closer to your goal. Just a note; this is a process, not a one-off activity as a successful strategy requires refining and tweaking as you implement.

A successful strategy keeps evolving

As you score off each action, move that strategy point back into your categorised strategy.  Each time you do, review your categorised strategy list.

If your actions have fulfilled that strategy point and there is nothing more you need to do as it is accomplished then cross it off.  However, stand back and think if it should now be replaced by a new strategy or has it led to another that will advance you further? If there is, then replace the old one with the new and add the new actions you will undertake to this point.

If there are more actions that need to be undertaken on the strategy point you have just moved back into your category list then replace your scored off action with a new one and consider if that strategy point should go back into your action list with a new deadline. (This will be based on your own sense of prioritisation and how important accomplishing that strategy point is to your big shiny goal).

If you have decided that you are able to mark that particular strategy point as done and do not need to replace it with anything new then, from the same category, move the next strategy point you had decided upon as being the next important and put that into your action list with the relevant action you will undertake and add the ‘ouch’ deadline.

A successful strategy goes through cycles

The entire process should become a revolving strategy/action/accomplish one. Do one – replace it – keep doing until they are all done. As each strategy point is accomplished and there is nothing to replace it with you will be moving inexorably towards your big shiny goal.

When you get to the stage where you have run out of strategies and actions to do then you should be able to see, touch, smell your big shiny goal just waiting for you to grab it and enjoy.

If you get to the end and you still haven’t achieved your big shiny goal then something has gone wrong within your process.

Were you really honest when you started at step 1? Were you truthful to yourself? Did you dig deep enough within yourself to get the solid base? This is why the next step, step 7, will be crucial to your success or failure.

Please also don’t expect this process to be short, it’s not going to happen overnight unless you have found you somehow, accidentally were on the right path towards your purpose before you started the process. If you do discover this then the confirmation is always a nice thing to have and the process will highlight other things you need to do.

A successful strategy is likely to take time

If, like me, you started from a stationary position and have to build it around your current life and commitments then, I won’t lie to you, the big shiny goal will probably take a few years to achieve. If you are lucky enough to be able to ignore everything apart from working on the big shiny goal process you’ll obviously get there quicker. A successful strategy for achieving your purpose is always in practice, realistic, even if you dreamt big about your end goal.


Life also has a habit at throwing dramatic, even traumatic, events at us without warning.  These often affect our psyches and can shift fundamental beliefs in what life is all about which may also alter your big shiny goal desire and therefore the process. Should this happen don’t worry or consider it a waste of time.  This is where resilience, motivation and patience comes into play which I’ll write about shortly.

I spoke about using diagrams to help me see the steps I need to take and have illustrated this process below as an infographic. I hope you find this helpful and if you want a reminder of each step, then read the whole series in Finding Your Purpose and How to Achieve It. Here is the startstep 1step 2 , step 3  step 4  and step 5

Created using Visme. An easy-to-use Infographic Maker.