Huffington Post UK artcle : January 2015

The start of the New Year appears to get many people thinking about other new starts. Sometimes in relation to resolutions such as giving up chocolate, alcohol or cigarettes but sometimes it is something much more fundamental – how about a change in career?

With the start of 2015 there came two telephone calls from employed friends. Both had decided that they were fed up with their careers. They wanted a ‘simpler’ life. One not so focussed on just making money, forcing them to put their careers before family but one that gave them the flexibility they craved. They had both, separately, come up with the idea of becoming self-employed. Of doing “something else”, “something I’ll actually enjoy”. As their friend who has been self-employed in some shape or form for over 25 years they had turned to me as their sounding board….. cont/read more

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