I’ve mentioned the problem with negativity in a previous article so thought I’d balance off with why I am convinced positive thinking attracts positive results and is demonstrated in a positive approach to life.

Take a positive approach for positive outcomes

I, like many others, keep finding that taking the positive approach to problems, challenges and obstacles, more often than not, results in positive outcomes.

When I lost my business to recession in the early 1990’s I didn’t give up and think ‘woe is me’.  I salvaged what I could, started again (avoiding the pitfalls from before) and just assumed that I would be successful again.  The result of this positive approach? Within 6 years I had built my start-up company to a £1.5 million turnover.

After the train crash scuppered my business plans I didn’t sit around thinking ‘why me’ or this is the end.  I got up and tried to put what had gone wrong within our rail system right, and won the battle.

When the doctors told me my health was so damaged I would never be able to work again did I accept that? Hell no.  I re-invented my world that enabled me to take up speaking as a profession which, whilst not a guaranteed way to earn an income, has treated me well, I seem to be good at and I make a decent living from it. Once again with the positive approach; believing there is a good outcome if you fight for it.

My point here is that (apart from a few bad patches which I simply accepted) I ultimately refused to lie down and give up.  I wielded, and continue to do so, positivity as my weapon of choice and I tackle everything with it.

I don’t just think positively, I act and live positively.

I keep finding that with a positive attitude things I could only have hoped for before keep coming to fruition.  I foster relations with other people who seem to have the same positive approach and our successes increase exponentially.  I am not always looking for payback or indeed results from every positive thing I do however they do seem to keep finding me and for that I am humbly grateful.

And so, it seems to be with other successful people.  They focus on what is positive around them, they focus on their successes and take positive actions to keep moving forward and upward.  Go on, Google it and you’ll find I’m right.

Let me counter the negative mutterings I can hear in the background. Having a positive approach is not about chanting motivational stuff at yourself in the mirror. Whilst I know many swear by mantras and manifestation techniques that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about tapping into your self-belief when it gets tough. I am saying a positive approach is not to look for the doom and gloom, but to seek out the ray of sunshine.

Believe you me, there are days for me when the storm clouds seem a permanent fixture in the sky, but the sun is still shining in Australia. It is about shifting your focus away from the negative chatter in your head to a positive approach to your problems. Instead of thinking, “Oh I have this problem”, think instead, “Ah, I need to find a solution.”

A positive approach is amplified by positive people

If you want to increase your well of positivity, then remove yourself from the “Moaning Minnies” of your circle. They are dementors who will suck out your positive life force and replace it with cold miserable thoughts. Smart, successful people surround themselves with upbeat, positive colleagues and friends. I know we cannot do much about the moaners in our family, but we can limit their effect.

Limit the negative influences and it is a great deal easier to adopt a positive approach.

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