Are you bored with life? Lacking excitement in your job? Change it!

As we grow up we are conditioned to think in terms of one career and yet all the economic indicators show that there are very few jobs for life nowadays. When people say they are bored with life a large part of that is linked to their job or career. Around a third of your life is spent working are you content to spend a third of your life bored?

Given the lack of absolute job security in the 21st century, those who adapt and change do well, those who don’t may find themselves living a very boring life unemployed and broke! We need to change our mind set about careers for ever and being bored with life.

You don’t have to do just one job. In fact if you have imagination- one job is boring! Being bored with life, lacking excitement in your day to day job is a sure fire way to brain atrophy. For the sake of your health you need to take action if you are bored with life and taking action may mean taking a risk.

I like this Dale Carnegie quote

Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours. – Dale Carnegie


I wasn’t bored with life, but I had no choice!

After the rail crash my very existence was on the line (excuse the pun). I was forced to get creative; I had bills to pay, a family to consider and my own sanity and wellbeing to take care of. In some ways, the worst day of my life was also the best thing to happen to me. No, I would not wish the pain and terror of that experience on anyone; but sometimes we need a wake-up call. We can become settled into a rut, a nice safe unchallenging rut that eventually leads to boredom. We may not recognise it as such, it can just be a vague feeling of dissatisfaction that grows. We argue with family and loved ones, start getting headaches; feel listless at the weekends and generally opt out of living a full life. If we are lucky we get a glimpse of the excitement a truly challenging venture can bring and it helps us to realise that, yes, we are bored!

Employers need to be aware of the bored with life syndrome

What if the productivity in your company seems to be dropping, yet your employees are not under any increased pressure? There does not seem to be any logical reason for the fall in motivation and employees start to leave. Workplace “ennui” is very real but can be handled with some smart thinking.

Bring on the excitement! Job swap your employees; let them try out a different role, a different challenge. Ask them for their suggestions on how to change their way of working to make the job more interesting. Remove the repetitive tedious elements by clever use of technology and allow employees to work more strategically.

Do you want more excitement in your life?Bored with life article image

After the train crash one of the jobs I tried was event management and I did not really enjoy it. The old Pam would have stuck it out regardless; the new Pam knocked it on the head and changed direction. I am excited by my life, excited by the question, “What am I going to do today?” I learned that life is too short to fall into the bored with life trap. So I am going to ask you some difficult questions.

“What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?” I am not talking about leaving millions to your children and grandchildren. I am asking, what do you want to be remembered for?

“What kind of impact do you want to have as you live your life?” I know a number of teachers, working in state education and believe you me they are not earning enough to buy yachts and mansions. However, ask them why they teach and many of them will say, “To make a difference”.

What difference will you make? Who says you cannot have fun and a sense of purpose while you work? Being an adult comes with a ton of responsibility and I am not suggesting that you run off to a Greek island and lie in the sun all day. However, you do not need to live in a work prison either.

Take a long hard look at yourself. Are you bored with life? Try a dose of excitement, the unknown, the interesting or the ever so slightly risky.