You Are A Hero – Live your own story

Every single one of us is.

Consider this – you are, at this very moment, living, breathing and planning your very own story where you are the major character.  You are the star in your own story.  The person sitting next to you has their own story within which they are the star.  In fact everyone you encounter or see has their very own story going on.

There is no great over-arching story that we are bit players in even when we think there is.  Any ‘bigger’ picture or concern is simply what we choose it to be and how we then embrace it, that then influences how we continue to live out our own story. 

You live your own story while others, and the planet, live theirs

Even something such as climate change is founded upon other people’s stories; in as much as our effect on it is down to the stories that people told themselves in years gone past, which led to its causation and its continuing or not will also be down to what people tell themselves now, and in the future. (I have a pet theory that when the earth has had enough it will get rid of us). 

However, back to the here, now and more personal this is just the way it is.  From the time we are born we develop our own narrative as to what our life is, what we do, the emotions we feel and how outside influences will affect us.  We don’t always know or see the outside influences heading our way but whatever they are we very quickly manage to weave it into a narrative that makes sense to us, even when we are blaming someone else for them. It is the nature of humans that they are driven by a complex combination of nature and nurture but how we react to that is our own choice. Above all we as a race need a purpose, and what that is becomes an entirely personal decision.

We are literally our very own home-grown Hero.

Once you start appreciating this and the fact that you are also the author of your own story you can learn how to become a Master of It.

Fed up with your position in life? You have the ability to change it.  Prefer to work with nature rather than in an office? You can cause that to happen.  Envious of what others have? You can totally alter your future to bring that stuff into your life.

It doesn’t matter one iota what you think you might be missing, you can re-write things, so your story starts to follow the course that you want it to. The hard part is always having the courage to change your narrative and then putting what is required into action.

Our story and star quality is a personal thing.  It may interact, overlap and influence other peoples but it will never be theirs.  So, own it – be the Hero that you decide and want to be. Go enjoy living your own story.