How I Work

Preferring to work with my clients I carefully listen to the objectives and goals that they wish to accomplish and we devise a strategy together.

I ensure that any proposed training or talk fits your agenda and achieves the outcomes you want your participants or delegates to take away with them. I research your industry, I take background information from you and I inquire as to the makeup of your delegates to ensure I hone my content specifically to you.

Because of the unique situation I found myself in I have overcome and survived more events than one would expect from 4 lifetimes let alone just 1.

• Unemployed to Career Woman
• Business owner turning over 1.5 million
• Accredited Leadership Training Partner
• Survivor of one of the largest disasters in the UK
• National campaigner for rail safety which saw me lock horns with government and the rail industry – and win.
• Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder yet thriving
• Published Author
• Professional Public Speaker
• Charity worker & supporter

The broad spectrum of my life and the wealth of experience I have acquired means I now live as varied and exciting a life as I could ever have wished for. I have achieved more than I could ever have dreamed of. My passion is to share all that I have learnt so that everyone can look at their own problems, however large or small, with a positive attitude. I show them that by altering their mindset they can overcome anything.

Setbacks become new beginnings and disasters turn into triumphs.

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