What made you decide to start public speaking?

During my campaign years I had to get used to standing up in large groups of people and telling my story. Sometimes it would be to a roomful of a few, sometimes to an arena with thousands and, most nerve-rackingly, to accumulated members of the media and on camera. I had to do it so often that the nerves drained away and I began to find it easier. I was continuously amazed and surprised at the reaction of my audience and the comfort and help they seemed to draw from my experiences.

It was a fellow speaker friend who suggested that I do it professionally as he felt many would benefit from the lessons I have had to learn and adapt to from running my own businesses, to my survival  and recovery, then leading a national campaign and winning to finally moving on to re-build my life and career.

I now use my talks, speeches and workshops to share the strategies, tactics and tools I developed so people can use them with their own professional and personal challenges and realise that there is very little they cannot overcome with a bit of creative thinking.

Where do you offer your public speaking?

As I enjoy travelling, and consider each trip a mini-adventure of discovery. I work in the UK and internationally across the world.

What is your fee?

It’s difficult to answer this specifically however I am always happy to discuss individual requirements and budgets. Once I know what is required by an initial chat I then calculate a relevant, all inclusive fee. This will include the bespoke preparation of a tailored talk/speech/workshop to the wishes of the client, materials for promotion and publicity, being available before and after the speech to meet, greet and answer questions from the audience. I view any engagement as me becoming part of a team and assisting the organiser in whatever way I can to make it a memorable, engaging and successful event. It’s my job to make you look good!

Do you charge travel expenses?

Travel expenses, accommodation and meals are calculated and included in the all inclusive fee. In this way you know exactly how much it will cost to hire me with no additional costs charged after the event.

Can we see your presentation before the event?

I tailor each and every talk to my audience and to the outcome the company/person hiring me wants to get from it. Such a bespoke presentation means a full preview is not possible. However,  you can see examples of some of my past talks via the show-reels and videos on my website and YouTube.

Can we record a video of your talk?

Yes but any materials, including audio and video recordings of me may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form without my prior written permission.

Are there any cancellation fees?

The nature of my business means I can only earn when I present or speak. If I am cancelled within 1 calendar month I normally cannot use that date for fee earning activity. Therefore my cancellation policy is 100%.
If a speaking performance or workshop is cancelled and re-arranged for a later date, a cancellation charge of 25% will apply in respect of the cancelled date and full fees remain payable for the revised date.

What main messages do you deliver in your talks?

I teach people strategies, tactics and a mindset to face their future challenges more effectively.

I advocate that ‘no’ is not always the end to a conversation. I show how even a failure can be turned around. I inspire my audience to view their challenges in a very different way, to spot the opportunities and grab them for their own benefit.