Sometimes, when nothing much is happening at a given time, it’s an opportunity to deliberately seek out change.  It’s about widening horizons and looking beyond the here and now. What’s that saying “A change is as good as a rest” – well maybe it is, and it could be considered as good advice to take literally.

Having had a busy month I noticed that my diary for the coming one was fairly tame in comparison.  There is nothing that I can see coming or envisage that would need my immediate attention. I also intensely dislike the cold, wet, miserable winter months in Britain mainly because it exacerbates the pain in my damaged joints.  Moments like these are somewhat of a danger signal in my brain as any hiatus in me moving forward is alien to my nature.  It’s time for me to act – to seek out and encourage change to come to me.

Widening horizons as a personal challenge

I have decided that I need to expand my own horizons for a while.

Most of my work as a speaker this past year has unusually all been UK based.  Dashing around from town to town has been entertaining and interesting but there is a whole wide world out there.  There are people facing different challenges, living different lives, having different experiences and it is time I went out and immersed myself in some of it.

I suppose this could be achieved by simply taking time out and surfing the internet however, this is a poor substitute for actually living and breathing it.  When I have been off on my travels before I have found the experience reminds me of life’s complexity and beauty.  The intricacies of human behaviour, expectations and ways of dealing with life come back into sharp focus.  It has also sparked off far more creative thoughts and ideas than I ever get at home when weighed down by everyday responsibilities.

With all of this in mind I’m off!

Widening Horizons

Widening horizons but keeping it personal

I have booked myself a trip to Sri Lanka.  I have deliberately chosen a hot country as that will help with my pain, but I have also chosen it as it has always intrigued me.  A country wrapped up in history (some good, some bad) with a universally acclaimed friendly and open populace and, I hope, some fantastic sights and cuisine to enjoy. I have also deliberately organised local guides and will be travelling around the island to capture as much of the experience as I can.  My accommodation is mainly with family run B&B’s so I can directly learn more and listen to personal views and experiences.  Widening horizons, I find, works better if you keep it personal and authentic.

House-sitter organised, work tidied up, so it can wait until I get back, I am ready for adventure.

As always when I travel, I will have a smile on my face, have an open heart, be keeping my eyes open, more importantly keeping my ears open and being receptive to anything that may cross my path.

Watch this space for updates on my widening horizons adventure.