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Don't stand still - The benefit of re-invention

Pam Warren motivational speaker

Don't stand still
The Benefit of Re-Invention


When you have a great product and sales are coming in it is easy to sit back and think you have made it. Complacency can become a factor which can lead to you losing your competitive edge or unique sales position and profitability.

Pam took her start-up company to a 1.5 million turnover company in 6 years. She shares her knowledge on how to keep evolving a business to stay one step ahead of competitors. How to come up with new ideas and keep developing them to ensure continuity. Her soft skills learnt while running an 81 strong survivors group that successfully achieved their goals is invaluable, illustrating how keeping a workforce on-side and everyone pulling in the same direction benefits all.


Directors, executives, senior management, project managers


If sales are coming in its easy to sit back, don't lose your competitive edge.


How to generate new ideas with strategic thinking.

Ideas on how to manage the people you need to achieve your goals


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