Conquer Your Problems by Thinking Like a River


Executives, managers, financial planners, media


We live in a highly competitive world. Time is of the essence and a luxury most of us can’t afford. So when a problem with a project, client or product arises, the inclination is to power through and find a way to “make it work.”

But this thinking can be a recipe for disaster. Problems aren’t always something to be overcome – sometimes they appear because you are on the wrong path. And ignoring the danger signs because of a deadline can result in catastrophic loses and murky accountability.

As a former financial advisor Pam talks the talk of business. She understands the pressure to deliver. But she also lives the life of someone who was almost killed by a culture of expediency.

This inspirational topic has a clear message for anyone who is in a leadership role, deals with clients or manages products and projects.

Conquer your problems by thinking like a river.


Recognize the danger signs of problem projects

Learn to review projects, processes and products from outside the bubble

Apply critical thinking at every stage