Charity Work

The Scar Free Foundation

Pam is an ambassador for the charity The Scar Free Foundation based in London.

The Scar Free Foundation is a UK charity dedicated to leading transformational research into scarring and raising the money to fund that research. Their mission is to achieve scar free healing within a generation and transform the lives of others affected by disfiguring conditions.

Pam now lives with scarring caused by the burns sustained during the Paddington Train Crash so this particular charity is one with ideals and goals very close to her heart.

As their representative she fulfils three different roles when needed. One is to help raise funding through the private sector via ‘meet and greet’ functions and meetings. As their public representative she acts as their ambassador to particular research seats that are appropriate to the injuries she sustained. Finally, she serves as a committee member in the formulation of the strategy a research seat is considering adopting and advise on how the results might be perceived and utilised on completion of the research.

Childrens Burns Research Centre

Pam is now the allocated ambassador of The Scar Free Foundation to the Children’s Burns Research Centre and is extremely excited to be part of the team.

The Children’s Burns Research Centre is a state-of-the-art research centre in the South West of England funded by The Healing Foundation. It is the first of its kind in the UK, and will be watched by the international medical community as it attempts to battle the issues that face those treating young burn victims. Clinical management, pyschosocial adjustment & rehabilitation and prevention are the three main areas of their study.

The centre prides itself on its multi-disciplinary slant, drawing in experts from the fields of nursing, psychology, epidemiology, paediatrics and many more. The Centre is led by the University of Bristol, alongside the University of Bath, the University of the West of England, Cardiff University and the North Bristol NHS Trust.

Culture Mix : Carnival Music and Arts

An Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (ACE NPO) CultureMix has it’s roots in African Caribbean culture from steel pan music and Carnival masquerade of Trinidad and Tobago to dance from Cuba and Brazil, and Jamaican reggae music.

Pam is on the Board of Directors and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company in it’s new role as an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

As a not for profit organisation our focus is on the professional development of young people seeking a career in the creative industries. Internship and work experience programmes offer training in business, finance, teaching and event management.