A Quick Loiter in Llandudno – Tales from Wales (Part 5)

Llandudno and Great Orme

The Search Continues After several months in North Wales, I’m still searching for a permanent home and a local Asian grocery! Next on my list of places to try for the latter was Llandudno – a town made momentarily famous during the lockdown for its most unusual visitors… Revealing Hidden Treasures After a week of every foul […]

And So The Quest Begins – Tales From Wales (Part 4)

My new home!

The dream that brought me to Anglesey Now that I’m feeling a little more settled and organised in North Wales, my thoughts are turning again towards the quest that brought me here… Where Do We Goat From Here? In 2019, when I decided to move to North Wales, it was to realise a dream I’ve […]

A Bimble in Bangor – Tales from Wales (Part 3)

Bangor cathedral in February '21

Off to Bangor Seizing The Opportunity Taking up residence in a new area during a pandemic and lockdown was never going to be an easy proposition. I want to explore, discover, and generally scout around. But of course, this isn’t allowed during these constrained times. My one respite…  Getting Out For Provisions As someone who […]

Settling In – Tales from Wales (Part 2)

It's time to unpack

Those boxes won’t unpack themselves! When I opened my eyes on my first day in the new place, there was so much to do.  Sure, I’d managed to get my bed set up, and my kettle and cups unpacked, but most of the rest of the house was piled high with removers boxes (many in […]

A Fresh Start – Tales from Wales (Part 1)

My Fresh Start - Dawn over Anglesey

And Some Light Relief After the turmoil and stress that we’ve all been feeling in recent times, I thought I’d mix up my articles a bit. So rather than focussing on business, I’m going to share more of what I’m up to on my new personal adventure. I hope by doing this to provide some […]

Moving House Even More of a Nightmare Than Before!

My new home!

My Experience of Relocating During the Pandemic House moving is stressful at the best of times, but try moving during a pandemic, and you will discover it is trebly challenging. Throughout my recent move, wholly unnecessary problems were caused by larger organisations despite my meticulous planning.  Here is my (hopefully constructive) rant…  The Misery of […]

Are You Alone This Christmas? Then Revel In It!

Christmas as a child with my sister

Single at Christmas? You’re not alone Forgive the pun, but you are not alone, if like me, you fall into this sizeable group… At the end of 2019, the Office of National Statistics reported that around 7.7 million people in the UK are single and living alone. That is over 10% of the total population […]

Following Your Dreams is Never Easy

Moving Towards My Dream As I wrote about in my last blog here, I have made the decision to sell up and move to North Wales in pursuit of my dream life. In that article I shared how I was keen to get on with things and my plan for the process and dealing with […]

Handling Stress with a Change of Psyche

THE STRESS of MOVING HOME As I called my local estate agent to put my house on the market, the phrase “the two most stressful things in life are divorce and moving home” kept whirling round my head. The initial meeting turned out to be two hours long. As it was happening I could picture […]

Whisper of Change

change coming

change is coming Have you noticed that there is a different atmosphere around, everywhere?  Have you even had time to stop and consider if there has been a subtle difference permeating the air?  If you haven’t please try to do so. Change is coming and you need to be ready. do you feel the whisper […]