Optimist or Pessimist – Which Are You?

Tug of war between optimism and pessimism

And is there a better third option? I believe there is. In this post, I’ll state my case against optimism and pessimism – I wonder if you’ll agree with my thoughts! Are you a ‘glass-half-full’ or ‘glass-half-empty’ person? I ask this in all seriousness because your general outlook on life is fundamental to whether you […]

Positivity – Positive action and thinking leads to success

Linked with motivation, resilience and patience I have found positivity is essential to complete the full success compass. To be fair it probably underpins the other 3 and is a must have in your armoury. Most successful people state positivity as their ‘must have’ attitude in their lives.  They, as well as I believe that […]