Maintain Motivation – Sustaining the Change Motivation


My 2 preceding articles have explained what the rationale and history of Motivation is and how to shift from a Reward Motivation mind-set into a Change Motivation mind-set. But how can you sustain your new found Change motivation mind-set when you get there?  How do you stop slipping back into the more blinkered, conventional Reward […]

Shifting your Reward motivation into a Change motivation


In my previous article I explained how, currently, 90% of people are working within a Reward motivation concept.  In order to survive and succeed within the fast pace changes we are now facing a Reward motivation alone will no longer be enough.  A Change motivation, the ability to be motivated by change itself, will be […]

Understanding Motivation is Key to Success


You’ve heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’?   Well, the knowledge in understanding why and what motivates us in today’s ever-changing world is vital to any desired success. Understanding motivation, what makes us tick, what makes us get out of bed in the morning, what drives us on and why we do what we do is […]