Following Your Dreams is Never Easy

Moving Towards My Dream As I wrote about in my last blog here, I have made the decision to sell up and move to North Wales in pursuit of my dream life. In that article I shared how I was keen to get on with things and my plan for the process and dealing with […]

Handling Stress with a Change of Psyche

THE STRESS of MOVING HOME As I called my local estate agent to put my house on the market, the phrase “the two most stressful things in life are divorce and moving home” kept whirling round my head. The initial meeting turned out to be two hours long. As it was happening I could picture […]

Make Change Happen – Embrace It

Are you fed up with the position you are currently in?  Frustrated that things are not happening for you as you had hoped?  Running, just to simply stand still?  Then you are going to have make change happen. Only you can do it.  No-one is going to come along and gift you the way forward […]