Customer Service Must Get Creative

Drop the excuses If I hear one more ‘it’s because of Covid’ excuse from a service company I am going to scream! My patience and tolerance for this sort of lazy excuse has just about reached its limits as I am sure a lot of other consumers would agree. Come on, really?! Nearly 18 months […]

3 Fundamentals for Innovating (& Making Them Work For You)


Solid Foundations for Innovators If you want to build the solid foundations to be truly innovative, three main fundamentals are required, in my opinion. And they all need to be present, at the same time, and with the same force, if you want to be successfully creative. By intertwining these three fundementals seamlessly, you can […]

How Is Your Confidence?

Are you feeling confident?

Why confidence matters so much Confidence is a vital component of social interactions in both our professional and personal lives. Of course, it is well-known that confidence dictates how we feel about ourselves… But many are unaware of how widespread the damage can be when it is significantly disrupted. Societal Impacts of Disrupted Confidence Because confidence […]

Who Do You Know With Agoraphobia?

Opening the front door takes courage with agoraphobia

The answer is… Probably more people than you realise! Is Agroraphobia on the Rise Post-Lockdown? In a recent article, I discussed the fear I hear people voice about rejoining society in a more normal way. I now want to turn to the quiet, often-overlooked cousin to fear, agoraphobia. Many think agoraphobia is just a fear […]

A Heads-Up: AZ COVID Vaccine + An Existing Mental Health Condition …

Having the COVID vaccine

Fore-Warned = Fore-Armed In this article, I share what happened to me recently after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine. If you are suffering from a long-term mental health issue or have been recently diagnosed with something related, please take note… My Experience With the AZ Vaccine Does Not Appear to be Unique I should preface […]

How to Face the Fear and Overcome It

How to face the fear

Fears Grow As Lockdown Eases As restrictions start to lift following the pandemic, I am now picking up fear in many conversations – un-articulated but there in the subtext. It’s understandable, of course.  We have faced a virus that no one can see, is potentially lethal, and we don’t know who might be carrying it. […]

How to Gain Some Personal Stability

Walking across a tightrope

Personal Stability in a Changing World Everything changes, but perhaps never more so than at the moment. Work, freedoms, the weather, the world – it’s a highly confusing picture out there. And with no sign of it becoming less so any time soon, I wanted to share something with you that has become a weekly […]

One Powerful Tool for Surviving Personal Crises

Surviving personal crises takes the right tools!

And How You Too Can Use This Tool This post is all about the best piece of advice on how to view the challenges of life (and survive personal crises) that I ever received from my psychologist.   See if you recognise the basics behind this scenario. And if you do, then pay heed to how it […]

Job Security is History – Make Plans Now

With job security now history, it's time to plan for the future

A Heartfelt Plea : Please Do Not Assume Your Job Is Safe Job security is history. And globally, the job market is in crisis, but there is plenty you can do to survive and thrive.  This article looks at what I have learnt about planning for success in uncertain times, and how to implement the […]

The True Human Cost of Poor Customer Service

What is happening to customer service in 2020?

Forgetting Customer Service – A Cardinal Sin In this post, I’m climbing on my soap-box! I am sick of some big companies using the current pandemic as an excuse to offer zero customer service or to rip off their clients.  “Morally reprehensible, unnecessary, and short-sighted” I’ve been appalled by both the service I have received, […]