Advice for Life No 2: Work Out a Way to Get Around an Obstacle

My second video in the series Advice for Life from a Survivor: Work out a Way to Get Around an ...
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Advice for Life from a Survivor: Remember what’s important

I am often asked if my experiences since surviving the Paddington train crash has changed my views on life and ...
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Are You Recommendable?

Guest Blog by Alan Stevens the Media Coach: Are you recommendable? People are prepared to pay for exactly the set ...
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The Bigger picture - pam warren

Now That’s How to Run a Conference!

On Friday just gone I attended one of the most interesting, thought provoking and ultimately exciting conference days it has ...
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In Charge

5 Life Lessons from a Survivor

I have had to learn many lessons over the years but those from my recovery, to me, were some of ...
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Pam Warren

Team Brainstorming Can Work Wonders

guest blog by TIM LUSCOMBE – Thames Valley Business Advisers  You don’t know how much you know. As we go ...
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Simon Weston - Pam Warren

Simon Weston OBE reflects on ‘From Behind the Mask’

Pam’s  book, From Behind the Mask, for me is not so much about the person Pam was before, even though ...
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Trevor McDonald - inspiration

Sir Trevor McDonald reviews ‘From Behind the Mask’

One of the things I’ve always thought of as a journalist is how quickly we move from one subject to ...
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007 - James Bond

Sir Roger Moore’s review of From Behind the Mask (yes 007!)

I, like many others, vividly remember the news reports and pictures from the site of the Ladbroke Grove rail crash ...
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Bringing a Book to Market – part 3

And so there we all sat in the sun dappled courtyard of the Garden Museum, my friend Tony, Sam and ...
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Bringing a Book to Market – part 2

The phone rang, it was the publishing agent. ‘Do you want the good news or the bad news?’ he said, ...
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Bringing a Book to Market – part 1

With the advent of the internet and modern technology publishing a book should be easy or so we are told ...
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Helping hand - motivational speaker

Crisis of Confidence

I was recently trying to explain to a project team member about the consequences of their actions (or inaction) and ...
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Visualisation - motivational speaker

Visualize Your Goal

‘Can’t see beyond the end of your nose’ is an old saying that keeps popping up in my mind as ...
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childrens burns

Children’s Burns Research Centre

Having been a burns victim myself it was quite a shock to me to find out recently that there is ...
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Finding Motivation in Business

Finding motivation can sometimes be the hardest part of a daunting task: when there’s a big project deadline coming up ...
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Things That Make You Feel Proud

I recently received a telephone call from a relative which took me aback quite a bit but ultimately warmed the cockles ...
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