lifelong learning is for all

Lifelong Learning & Leadership – Do you really think you know it all?

This week I have been running several leadership workshops, some full day some half.  At one company there was a ...
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Weakness to strength

Weakness when confronted can become strengths

Are you willing to acknowledge your weaknesses? This week I attended a leadership day where 12 leaders from large UK ...
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Being Social Is Not Electric

Being social is not electronic…

I have been pondering the meaning of ‘social’ especially as I have been struggling to keep up with social media ...
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Defining yourself gender equality

Defining yourself as Male/Female, Black/White?

I was at an event this past weekend and, as I usually do, wandered around the room speaking to various ...
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BIg business

Big business buzzing around aimlessly

‘I’m going to kill him’, was my thought. I had just got back from an event which, as I was ...
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working life pressure

Working life pressure and being human

Gosh, working life pressures are insidious are they not? I have fallen into the trap again! I really should know ...
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Think Differently

Think differently – is trauma the only way or can we learn to shift our way of thinking?

I’ve been ruminating recently about why I appear to see things and think differently compared to so many others.  People ...
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maintain motivation accept change

Maintain Motivation – Sustaining the Change Motivation

My 2 preceding articles have explained what the rationale and history of Motivation is and how to shift from a ...
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Change Motivation Embrace

Shifting your Reward motivation into a Change motivation

In my previous article I explained how, currently, 90% of people are working within a Reward motivation concept.  In order ...
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Understanding Motivation

Understanding Motivation is Key to Success

You’ve heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’?   Well, the knowledge in understanding why and what motivates us in today’s ever-changing ...
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Sri Lanka Classroom

Lessons from Sri Lanka

“What were your best bits?”, “What’s the most memorable thing you did?”, “What was your overall impression?” are just some ...
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Wilpattu National Park – Camping Sri Lankan style

We get to within 5 minutes of Wilpattu National Park and Bodhi pulls over to the side of the road.  ...
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Touring Sigiriya; Polonnaruwa, Heritage, Monastery, Buddhism

After my experience with Rani the elephant,  I then did some more traditional touring of Sigiriya, sight-seeing the next day ...
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Sri Lanka Elephants and a bucket list item ticked

My first morning in Sigiriya dawned and I jumped up with glee as I was about to tick off one ...
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Sigiriya Sri Lanka, Spice Garden and Sri Lanka Gem Mining

Preparing to leave Villa Rosa in Kandy (see previous article) for Sigiriya I was surprised to find that it had ...
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Kandy, Sri Lanka, City, Commerce, Buddhist faith and Ayurvedic medicine

As you descend from the mountains, Kandy, Sri Lanka’s second city appears below you like a glittering oasis in the ...
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Sri Lanka, Tea from Leaf to Laser

The next morning, I was disappointed that the monkeys did not make an appearance before I had to head off ...
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Sri Lanka travel tips – adapting to customs and climate

I am travelling round Sri Lanka learning a lot about the country’s customs, countryside and food. As I travel I ...
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