Time for a Big Change

big change scenery

Tim Felce (Airwolfhound) [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)] My Big Change for 2020 And here is how things have progressed since my last article: Whisper of change.. I was halfway up a mountain in the Snowdonia National Park. I was sat on a bench with the mountain behind me sheltering me from the wind, looking out over […]

Whisper of Change

change coming

change is coming Have you noticed that there is a different atmosphere around, everywhere?  Have you even had time to stop and consider if there has been a subtle difference permeating the air?  If you haven’t please try to do so. Change is coming and you need to be ready. do you feel the whisper […]

Some of the Year’s Headlines You Might Have Missed

years headlines

2019, what changed and did it matter? My take on some of the year’s significant events that may have slipped under the radar… My comments from a change & disruption perspective Be the change you wish to see Finland’s new prime minister is the world’s youngest At only 34 years of age, Sanna Marin, who […]

Getting one step ahead

Are You Constantly Trying to get One Step Ahead? How many hours a week are you currently working? Are you always trying to get one step ahead of your workload? When you get home do you forget about work when you close your door or are you still checking your phone/tablet? Do you ever allow […]

Tribalism is Alive & Kicking


let’s wipe out tribalism I was recently at an event in the House of Commons in the evening.  Because of the current political climate the place was still heaving with people as votes were being called upon late into the night.  Screens denoted what was going on within the Commons. Plus, the bell was constantly […]

History Will Judge Us

judgement history

You create history We always think of history as something in the past.  A subject taught at school, a period to reminisce over, at best the past to learn lessons from.  How often do we stop and realise that we, us, each of us, are creating history each and every day? history will judge us […]

How to convert Negative Thoughts into Pro-active Actions

Do you sometimes react negatively when a stressful situation occurs? Do you sometimes find your initial reaction to a change of circumstances leads to anger or irritation? How about just waking up i the morning feeling below par and unequal to the challenges that lie before you that day? Firstly, congratulate yourself.  You are a […]

Putting Strategic Thinking To Work

Most business goes through a planning phase in its yearly cycle and usually that plan is revisited at least monthly. However, that planning can get a bit formulaic and becomes almost a ritual rather than an innovative exercise. If you can effectively harness the strategic thinkers in your leadership and within the organisation then monthly […]

Your Eyelids are Getting Heavy… go to sleep – some sleep routines

Sleep routines and the wakeful brain You may, like me, suffer from not being able to sleep at night sometimes. You may, like me, find a bad night’s sleep can make you feel listless, groggy and even unwell the following day. We all know how important sleep is to our wellbeing but why is so […]

Designing a Passport to the Future – Education Revolution

Education revolution passport

I will state up front that I do not have children.  However, 90% of my friends, colleagues and family I regularly interact with do and I am sometimes called into schools to ‘inspire’ their pupils.  I therefore feel I have an opinion albeit one from an outsiders point of view.  But perhaps the fact I […]