How to Create a Mental Health Strategy that Works

Supporting our mental wellbeing and our physical needs can be a delicate balancing act!

Supporting Mental Wellbeing in Today’s World Human beings are social animals. We are not designed – mentally or physically – to do life alone, and rarely does a solitary existence lead to our success or fulfilment. We’re seeing our need for physical contact and hugs played out on the news currently, as we witness grandparents […]

The Need for Professional Collaboration Revealed

Professional collaboration is now essential to our success

Quick Question I believe professional collaboration is essential to our success as we move into the ‘new normal’ following the pandemic. I’ll explain why in just a moment, but first, let me ask you a question: What made the human race the most successful and dominant species on the planet? The Answer is … Collaboration! […]

Leaders Are Being Exposed During The Current Crisis

Quality leadership in crises leads from the front

Leaders in Crisis I have been speaking recently to a great number of HR practitioners across all types of industries. Something has struck me that has been a real eye-opener…  The Revelations Keep Coming The eye-opening revelations are discreetly and, almost inadvertently, revealed in what these HR practitioners are saying about the leaders within their organisations. […]

Life After the Pandemic: A Huge Opportunity For All (but will we grab it?)

A door stands open to opportunities in life after the pandemic

What do you want from life after the pandemic? The COVID pandemic has given us all, throughout the world, pause for thought and a period to consider the important question: ‘What is it we truly want from life?’ Tantalising vistas have come into sharp view and opportunities for a whole new way of doing things […]

How to Successfully Navigate Crises (like COVID-19), Part 3

Writing materials for making plans amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Future Planning During the COVID-19 Crisis This is the third article in my series on dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis (click here for Part 1 and Part 2)… And in this article, the advice I offer differs from that which I would usually give about how to find and get to your […]

How to Successfully Navigate Crises (Like COVID-19), Part 2

Image of woman standing at the entrance to a maze - the COVID-19 crisis can feel like a confusing maze

Walking through the COVID-19 crisis (and other major challenges) In Part 1 of this series, I described five basic steps to start working on. Steps to help navigate any crisis, including the coronavirus and the circumstances we are currently facing. Now in Part 2, let’s look at the next steps in this process… I was […]

How to Successfully Navigate Crises (like COVID-19), Part 1

Picture of the World

Steps to overcoming the present challenges Living in the topsy turvy world we’re in right now is challenging, but we can successfully navigate this and other crises that impact our lives. This post will explore powerful steps to doing so. Over the past few weeks, you could be forgiven for wondering, ‘how on earth did […]

Time for a Big Change

big change scenery

Tim Felce (Airwolfhound) [CC BY-SA (] My Big Change for 2020 And here is how things have progressed since my last article: Whisper of change.. I was halfway up a mountain in the Snowdonia National Park. I was sat on a bench with the mountain behind me sheltering me from the wind, looking out over […]

Whisper of Change

change coming

change is coming Have you noticed that there is a different atmosphere around, everywhere?  Have you even had time to stop and consider if there has been a subtle difference permeating the air?  If you haven’t please try to do so. Change is coming and you need to be ready. do you feel the whisper […]

Some of the Year’s Headlines You Might Have Missed

years headlines

2019, what changed and did it matter? My take on some of the year’s significant events that may have slipped under the radar… My comments from a change & disruption perspective Be the change you wish to see Finland’s new prime minister is the world’s youngest At only 34 years of age, Sanna Marin, who […]