After Dinner Speaker

A talented after dinner speaker can bring something special to what could otherwise be just another plain event. Make sure you get the right after dinner speaker for the audience and the event will be successful. Hiring a public speaker who can deliver something original, motivational and inspiring for your audience.

During my campaign years I had to get used to standing up in large groups of people and telling my story. Sometimes it would be to a roomful of a few, sometimes to an arena with thousands and, most nerve-rackingly, to accumulated members of the media and on camera. I had to do it so often that the nerves drained away and I began to find it easier. I was continuously amazed and surprised at the reaction of my audience and the comfort and help they seemed to draw from my experiences.

It was a fellow speaker friend who suggested that I become a professional public speaker as he felt many would benefit from the lessons I have had to learn and adapt to from my survival and re-building of my life. I now use my talks and speeches to get people to look at their own professional and personal problems in a different way and realise that there is very little they cannot overcome with a bit of creative thinking.